TEQ-455 Human Sexuality (W22)

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Social psychology is the scientific study of social interaction and social influence and how people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are affected by the real or imagined presence of others. As such, social psychology is one of the most broad-reaching and personally relevant areas of study within psychology. This course presents an overview of the major and fundamental theories and findings of social psychology including the self, social beliefs, behaviour and attitudes, persuasion, group influence, altruism, aggression, attraction and prejudice. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on developing student’s skills in analyzing social situations and events that all people encounter in everyday life and on developing critical and integrative ways of thinking about the application of research and theory in social psychology. The topics covered will be representative of the current subject matter within this discipline. A detailed examination of current research findings and application programs related to the topic under study will be made through text readings, original research articles, class lectures, and lab assignments.