CATEGORY: 2022 Summer Courses

PSY-672 MRP/Thesis Seminar II (S22) – VIRTUAL

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

In this series, students meet in an ongoing Seminar that supports their completion of a project that follows the MPsy Major Research Project/Thesis Handbook, demonstrates their ability to work at the forefront of the profession of clinical or counselling psychology, and prepares Capstone 3 to their master’s preparation. During IP-503 Portfolio Seminar and their research classes, Base Sequence students are encouraged to explore possible topics for their MRP or Thesis and to identify potential Committee members. Upon Advancement to Applied Sequence and in consultation with the MRP/Thesis Seminar Director in RC-671, students select an MRP/Thesis Committee consisting of a Supervisor and a Reader, at least one of whom must be a member of the Faculty of Psychology (who serves as Chair of the Committee). One member may be an external subject matter expert. Students select a project that shows originality in the application of knowledge and an understanding of how the boundaries of knowledge are advanced through a combination of research and practice. The Committee oversees the student’s selection of topic, literature review, timeline, and preparation of a Proposal. The project may be a Thesis involving qualitative or quantitative research leading to an original contribution to the field of professional psychology that is of publishable quality, if approved by the Committee. The Committee will examine the Proposal for criteria outlined in the Handbook and require a Human Subjects Research Review by the Research Review Board (RRB), if appropriate. Upon successful completion of these steps the MRP/Thesis Seminar Director submits a grade of at least “pass” for Course RC-671, thus advancing the student to RC-672. During Course RC-672, once all necessary RRB and other approvals have been received, the student schedules a Proposal Review with the MRP/Thesis Committee at which the student will summarize plans and timeline for the Project or Thesis. Based on the written Proposal, including a literature review, and fulfilment of agreed-upon timelines for data gathering or further literature review, the Committee will decide whether to convey to the MRP/Thesis Seminar Director its approval for completion of the proposed project or thesis. Upon approval, the MRP/Thesis Seminar Director submits a grade of at least “pass” for Course RC-672, thus advancing the student to RC-673. Course RC-673 is dedicated to supporting the student to complete the Major Research Project or Thesis, as guided by her or his Committee. Once the project or thesis has been submitted to the Committee for final evaluation, the student has successfully defended the project or thesis in a public meeting with the Committee, and the Committee has assessed and approved the project or thesis at a minimum standard of “pass”, the MRP/Thesis Seminar Director submits a grade of at least “pass” for Course RC-673. The student may then complete requirements for Capstone 3