CATEGORY: 2022 Fall Courses

PSY-670 Qualitative Inquiry (F22 WD)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The intention of this course is to introduce practice-based researchers to the fundamental principles of qualitative research, including learners interested in carrying out rigorous and relevant qualitative research. We will explore a variety of methodologies that enable researchers to investigate particular situations, circumstances, groups and individuals using a variety of questions and approaches. Such approaches will include ethnography, grounded theory, case study, narrative, phenomenological, and participatory action research, as well as feminist, race-based and decolonizing methods. We will also explore how relationships of power and privilege influence research undertakings and discuss ethical considerations in research. In this course, students will also design a qualitative research proposal using one or more qualitative methodologies discussed in class. The course is intended to provide concepts, tools, practice, and experience to support completion of Capstone 2: Major Research Project or Thesis during Applied Sequence.