CATEGORY: 2023 Winter Courses

PSY-665 Practicum Seminar II (W23) WD

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Practicum Seminars run concurrently with student practicum placements and meet on a regular basis in a small group format. They provide experienced faculty with the opportunity to guide the on-going development of the student’s “safe and effective use of self”. Students present and critique clinical case material through methods such as audio and/or video recordings and receive peer consultation as well as sound clinical instruction and developmental supervision necessary for enhancement of professional skills and knowledge. Once a student has started a Practicum placement, they may start attending Practicum Seminar. If a student is not currently in Practicum, they should not attend the seminars. For example, if a student has started Practicum mid trimester, they may start attending Seminars. If they suddenly lose their placement, they should wait to obtain a new one before continuing their attendance. Students who have completed their Practicum requirement but have not attended the requisite Practicum Seminars must continue to attend until such time as they have met the requirement.