CATEGORY: 2022 Fall Courses

PSY-643 Psychodiagnostic Interviewing, Case Formulation & Report Writing (F22 WE)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The shift from using the term “case formulation” to the current “case conceptualization” accompanies the growing accountability demanded of psychologists, the increased role of empiricism in psychotherapy, and the shift in diagnostic manuals from etiological to descriptive that presents elaborate descriptions of disorders with little or nothing to say about their causes, precipitants, maintaining influences, or treatments, not to mention the psychosocial, interpersonal, or cultural factors involved. In providing a structure to hypothesize about these factors, case conceptualization as taught in this course draws upon available theory, science, and clinical experience to fill the gap between diagnosis and treatment and to promote ongoing integration of evaluation and lessons learned in order to enhance practitioner reflection, future practice, and ongoing development. Using a case-based learning approach (also known as problem-based or project-based) and biopsychosocial systems metatheory that incorporates common elements drawn from major psychotherapy modalities, students will work in teams to investigate, propose, and share an integrative case conceptualization model for cases involving adults.