CATEGORY: 2022 Fall Courses

PSY-542 Psychopathology II: Anxiety-Based and Personality Disorders (F22 WE)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course will cover or review substantial foundational knowledge of psychology of the individual in relation to the conceptualization of mental disorders. Theories of anxiety will be reviewed in order to develop an understanding of symptoms of anxiety including panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety and phobia. Their etiology or origin in earlier developmental conflicts will be discussed and the role developmental issues play in the formation of anxiety will be explored from various points of view. The role of accidental and structural trauma will be discussed. Symptoms of PTSD will be reviewed and explored in light of structural issues. The course will also provide an in-depth understanding of various personality disorders including clusters A B and C, in terms of self-organization, attachment, affect, and defense mechanisms. Treatment considerations will be reviewed in light of each personality structure. Formulations of anxiety will be addressed from the perspective of various personality disorders.