CATEGORY: 2022 Fall Courses

PSY-510 Motivation and Values (F22 WD)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This four-day intensive course highlights student self-reflection as a foundation for the development of knowledge, skills, and mindset required for effective practice as a psychologist or psychotherapist. An introduction to neural, cognitive, emotional, and social (especially, in-group/out-group) factors in motivation and change provides an orientation for the clinical or counselling psychology or psychotherapy student. This extends and applies undergraduate foundational knowledge of cognitive-affective, social, and biological bases of behaviour. Role-play, peer coaching, and experiential exercises underline the importance of maintaining patterns of self-care and the need to assess and establish an interpersonal and intrapersonal resource base for effective service delivery. Assumptions and techniques of Adlerian psychotherapy serve as illustrative examples. Students identify their motivating values or highest-level goals. Graduating students present Comprehensive Examination (Capstone 3) material to help students in the course match their goals with career options as they identify their own “strengths and virtues” relevant to their career aspirations.