CATEGORY: 2022 Summer Courses

PSY-503 Integration Seminar (S22) WD

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

These three courses are the first of a series of Integration Seminars conducted during the Base and Applied Sequences of the MPsy and MPCC programs and all five years of the PsyD. Students meet in small groups with a Faculty Mentor-Advisor to integrate learning of content presented in current and previous courses. Actual cases from practitioner experience or the literature are proposed by the participants or provided by the Faculty Mentor-Advisor as a vehicle for integrative and collaborative consideration. Over the series, students are expected to engage in increasingly complex critical and creative thinking, beginning at the novice level and progressing to competent by the end of the second year for MPsy and MPCC students; and beginning at novice and progressing to mastery by the end of the fifth year for PsyD students. The main objective of the seminar series is to introduce students to an integrative approach that can create and maintain bridges between theory regarding psychological phenomena, processes, data, concepts, and models and their application in practice. A particular skill or activity appropriate to each program and sequence/year will be the focus of each Seminar series.