CATEGORY: 2022 Summer Courses

MHA-681 Addictive Behaviours and Co-occuring Disorders (S22) – Cancelled

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course addresses current and salient issues in addictions and mental health from a holistic perspective. It provides a balanced viewpoint which includes all the determinants of health and what we now know about the biology, neuroscience and pharmacological interventions in treating these disorders as well as screening and assessment tools currently in use in most practices in Ontario. The course is taught by a team of experienced practitioners and researchers and is open to community participants as well as students in Adler’s Master’s in Psychology program. MPsy students are required to complete two assignments that will be graded. Community members complete a quiz in order to receive their Certificate at the end of six full days of classes (currently offered on alternating Fridays – with some exceptions given holidays, etc.)

Module Topics:

Day 1. Understanding Addictive Disorders: substance use and other behaviours with addictive potential.

Day 2. A bio-psycho-social approach.

Day 3: Screening and Assessment Approaches

Day 4: A Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders (including Behavioural Addictions).

Day 5: Focus on prescription, over the counter (OTC) and illicit drugs

Day 6: Embracing Complexity: Co-Occurring Disorders, Relapse Prevention, Harm Reduction, Treatment Approaches and Models, Recovery.