CATEGORY: 2022 Fall Courses

ATR-685 Foundations in Trauma Psychotherapy II (F22) WD

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Students may take Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Care as a stand-alone course or may take it with Building on Trauma-Informed Care. Students must have taken Fundamentals to take the second half of the course.
ADLER Trauma Psychotherapy is based on extensive research that connects the experience of traumatic stress with common mental and physical health problems including anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harm behaviours, personality disorders, interpersonal and family dysfunction, and a multitude of somatic symptoms. The program is designed for those who wish to specialize in Trauma Psychotherapy or to enrich their skills and education to incorporate into any front-line focused work.
Alfred Adler’s emphasis on social context links trauma psychotherapy to the Adlerian tradition. Trauma psychotherapy strives to interpret and reframe the individual’s response to overwhelming situations, transforming maladaptive coping strategies into socially useful ones and examining the resiliency of individuals by de-pathologizing them.
Many individuals who struggle with behavioural and emotional health issues have histories of trauma, but they often don’t recognize the significant effects of trauma in their lives; either they don’t draw connections between their trauma histories and their presenting problems, or they avoid the topic altogether. Likewise, treatment providers may not ask questions that elicit a client’s history of trauma, may feel unprepared to address trauma-related issues proactively or may struggle to address traumatic stress effectively within the constraints of the workplace, clinical orientation or personal level of comfort.

The definition of trauma is often misunderstood and misused. It is assumed that trauma refers only to terrible events, such as abuse, sexual exploitation, death, violence, etc. Trauma is not restricted to horrific experiences, it refers to any set of events that, over time, impose more pain than the individual can process and discharge. Professionals working with people, in any capacity, will be working with trauma. Each trauma psychotherapy course will equip students with a trauma-informed framework that will serve as a critical guide for all future interactions with a variety of populations. The elective certificate offers the student the opportunity to become immersed in the fascinating and cutting-edge field of trauma. Participants will be exposed to theory, research, and practical hands-on application providing rich clinical insight and highly sought-after skills.