CATEGORY: 2022 Summer Courses

ADI-687 Adlerian Psychotherapy: Working with Individuals (S22)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Individual Psychology is a psychology of use in which each individual strives for significance to achieve fictive goals in a creative, holistic, unique manner making use of heredity and environment to develop a style of life which become ‘normal’ and useful when it is in accord the needs of others and shows social interest.” …Norman Silverman

Building on foundational courses, we will construct the elements necessary for fully understanding the motivation and movement of clients in the world so that we can begin to help them to achieve their goals and function optimally. Through exercises, demonstrations, and roleplaying, the student will begin to think and function as an Adlerian psychotherapist or counsellor who applies therapeutic presence, knowledge, and techniques skilfully to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals.